7 fruits for fresh skin

Having a fresh and glowy skin no doubt adds up your beauty and personality. One can look much younger than his/her age just because of their flawless skin. Our skin like our whole body is often a victim of our eating habits and lifestyle. You are dealing with a lot of problems and here your skin adds up one more by looking dull. Actually we ourselves are responsible for a dull and acne-filled skin. Here is how?

Skin is the one of the most sensitive organs of human body. It gets affected not only by the internal factors but as well as the external factors such as radiations, sunlight and pollution. Which is why it needs routine care for protection from both factors.Let’s talk about the diet that we take. You can make your skin more fresh and younger looking by taking a balanced or you can say skin-friendly diet. Hydration along with the choice of food such as fresh fruits is the key to a fresh and flawless skin. Here are enlisted some fruits and their meticulous benefits for a healthy skin.

Fruits for healthy skin


Lemon is enriched with vitamin C which is natural antioxidants. It removes the pigmentation and radicals from the skin cell. In case of pigmented skin, acne scare or dull skin, lemon is perfect natural remedy. One of the best ways to use lemon is that adding it to a glass of water along with few drops of honey. This not only benefits skin but also reduce the fat accumulation in body leading to weight loss. Moreover, one can use lemon in salads and as lime juice or by adding it to green tea. To remove extra oil from skin, a few drops of lemon along with few drops of milk is a famous tonic.


We all love this juicy, pulpy and vibrant color fruit. Similar to lemon, oranges are also source antioxidant vitamin C. consuming a 100 grams of orange provide the body with 54 grams of vitamin C. Antioxidants prevent the oxidative damage to skin cells. The free radicals are produced in cell as metabolic by product. They are also the result of exposure to environmental factors such as radiations and pollutants.

Using orange a routine diet is even easier. Eating one orange daily improves skin condition and good for busy as it improves digestion. Oranges can be used in fruit salad, smoothies, or as fresh juice. Few drops of orange extract, few drops of lemon along with coconut milk and turmeric powder make a perfect mask for a dry skin.


Avocado is no doubt a blessing for skin. It is enriched with dietary fibers, healthy fats and various vitamins including E,C,A and B6, panthothenic acid and folate. Antioxidants in avocado prevent DNA damage due to oxidative damage or free radicals. The healthy fat portion of this fruit helps in reducing the inflammation and maintains skin elasticity and speed up healing of a scar, thus maintain a younger looking fresh skin.

Avocado make a perfect addition in salads, wraps, burrito and sandwiches. Avocado mush when applied as face mask. For oily skin, avocado mush, rose water and camphor make a good mask for routine use. It not only clears the skin cell debris and makes it look flawless


Believe it or not ‘One apple each day keeps the doctor away’. And add it up that this one apple keep the acne away as well. Apple is a sweet pill to prevent acne and dull skin. Its vitamins and antioxidants keep the skin fresh and glowy. So don’t forget to add up an apple in your fruit salad. You can have an apple pie or smoothies and shakes etc whatever the way you like to have an apple.

Water melon

If you are a fruit lover, watermelon is no doubt on the tops of list. This fleshy red and sweet fruit is enormously refreshing in summers. This is source of dietary fibers, carbs, sugar and Vitamins C, B. B6 and A. the antioxidants content is great in watermelon and these are flavonoids, lycopene’s and carotenoids. With zero percent fat and cholesterol free nature, watermelon has numerous health benefits. The dietary fibers help in proper digestion and bowl movement. Also,these antioxidants clear up the toxins and pigments, from skin. Moreover, the water content of this fruit is 92% which makes it perfect source to remain hydrated. Keep it in mind that more hydration directly benefits the skin as water flushes out the toxins and debris from skin. Watermelon makes a perfect snack in summers and can be used as smoothies etc.


This delicious and exotic fruit is enriched source of Vitamin C and vitamin K, folate and certain minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.Not only the edible seed but also the peel of pomegranate is rich source of antioxidant- ellagic acid. This antioxidant protects the kin from oxidative dame caused by Ultraviolet A& B type rays. Ultraviolet rays cause pigmentation and dead skin cells which make skin dull and dark.

Surprisingly, scientists in research labs have revived and regenerated the dead skin cell layer-epidermis.

Using this fruit as daily routine diet is not an issue as it can easily be a part of shakes, smoothies, and salad and breakfast bowl. When used with coconut milk, alovera, and honey, pomegranate extract makes a good mask to re-energize the dry skin.


Having acne scars on face? Don’t worry a ‘fruit-full’ solution is here. Strawberries are the solution to many skin problems. Like almost all other fruits, these are full of vitamins and salicylic acids which is also known as alpha- hydroxyl acid. Salicylic acid is widely used in cosmetics and creams for removal of acne scars. It penetrates deep in skin layers and cleanses the scars and pores. Moreover, being a part of sunscreen lotions, it protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiations which otherwise damage collagen matrix of skin layer, making it wrinkled and aged.

From cake to deserts and the milkshakes, the options are numerous to add up strawberry in your food intake.

Bottom line

The health benefits of fruits with special reference to a fresh and glowy skin are numerous that they cannot be summarized in one article. Fruits are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals and water content. All of them help you to have a healthy flawless skin.

For many of us, maintaining a daily skin care routine, using masks is not easier.so the best option is to add these fruits in meal or use as snacks. This will not only freshen up your skin but also benefits the whole body. so take out some time to maintain a fresh younger looking, naturally glowy skin by utilizing the health benefits of fruits for skin.


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