8 Proven health benefits of ginger

Ginger is native in Asia and is commonly used spice in Asian foods. This is extracted from herbaceous plant zingiber officinale or ginger root. Ginger had great medicinal importance due to its high content of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants and anti-cancerous components. The studies show its meticulous effects to prevent cancer and other infectious disease. For treatment of flu it makes a perfect natural remedy. Here in this article, we will summarize the proven health benefits of ginger either as food spice or as ginger tea. So let’s start!

What’s the science behind health benefits of ginger?

Ginger has its role as powerful natural remedy for many health issues. Its use as natural remedy dates back to ancient Greek, Chinese and roman era of medicine. So, what’s the science behind its medicinal importance? The reason is that ginger in rich source of many antioxidants and anti inflammatory substances. For instance, gingerol, paradol, and zingerone. These compounds are considered to be effective in terms of marinating good health. These compounds are significant to prevent infections and range of disease such as chronic inflammation and arthritis. This is mainly because these compounds in ginger boost up the immune system to fight these infections.

ginger food spice

Moreover, a stronger immune system fights the pathogens and viral particles as well. This is why using ginger in food or in any form gives you significant health benefits.

Proven health benefits of ginger

Some of these proven health benefits are:

1. Perfect weight loss ingredient

Having at least one cup of ginger tea is beneficial for weight loss. It increases the fat consumption and breakdown in body and also prevent excessive fat accumulation. Moreover, it suppress the apatite thereby helps in weight loss.

lemon and ginger extract for weight loss

2. Improves digestion

Ginger improves digestion and prevents stomach problems such as ulcers. Studies reveal that ginger prevents aspirin-induced ulcers and improves gastric mobility. Therefore, it’s great for digestive system.

3. Maintain blood sugar levels

Diabetes has high prevalence rate worldwide. The number of patients with blood sugar disorders is expected to increase by 57% till year 2030. Ginger tea effectively maintains the blood sugar levels. Various studies show that having ginger tea or ginger powder capsule maintains high blood sugar and also improves insulin-resistance in patients.

4. Maintains cholesterol levels

Various studies promote the fact that ginger extract is useful for lowering the blood cholesterol levels and prevent cholesterol clots formation. One of the study conducted at Damascus University concluded that ginger extract lowers the bad low density cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides accumulation in body. This maintenance of blood cholesterol levels is effective in preventing the blood clots and eventually good for heart health.

ginger for heart health

5. Improves nausea

If you experience motion sickness, while travelling or pregnant women who feel morning sickness, it’s good to use ginger. A phenolic substance gingerol is effective in this regard. Similarly, ginger tea is effective home based remedy for relieving flu symptoms.

6. Effective pain relief

Ginger also makes an effective pain relief for headache, menstrual cramps and joint pain such as osteoarthritis. It is also effective to relive the exercise-induced muscular cramps.

7. Natural ingredient to prevent cancer

Many plants and herbs have miraculous roles in preventing cancer. This is because they contain certain anticancer substances. Ginger is also one of these anti cancer herbs. Ginger roots are effective in terms of preventing cancer.

8. Effective for brain health

Some recent researches claim that anti inflammatory substances in ginger are effective for brain health. These prevent neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

For instance, a study published in Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicines concluded that taking ginger extract for at least two months helps greatly in improving combinative functions and protects brain cells.

How to add ginger in routine diet?

Ginger is easily available as powdered form, as fresh root and most commonly it’s a common component of herbal teas. Using herbal tea with ginger extract is best suited option in my opinion. Moreover, a great number of cuisines use garlic in raw form or as powered form to spice up the food. You can choose as you like.

Possible side effects

Ginger has a lot many proven health benefits. However, it may also cause side effects for those with cardiac health issues; have hypertension and those who use blood thinning medicines. This is because ginger also lowers blood pressure. It’s very rare but some people may have allergic reactions to ginger. This usually occurs when you consume large amount of ginger as spice or as ginger tea. This results in heartburn, stomach ache and similar common conditions. Long story short, excess of everything is bad. Therefore, it’s better to be careful about how much ginger you take daily especially when you are already taking some medication.



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