Science of siblings

I read it somewhere ‘siblings are, our by default best friends’. And it’s true in fact. Having siblings is no doubt a blessing. Sharing a stronger family bond is much more important and significant in developing our personality. We don’t just share blood with our siblings but also the most precious moments of our childhood together. Siblings and our birth order have a pivotal role in developing and shaping our personality and traits. Sounds interesting?

So, here in this article we will tell you how sibling’s psychology varies and is shaped while living together. Birth order defines the position of a child in siblings, such as eldest child, middle, second born and youngest. Interestingly, there is a close association of your birth order and personality traits. Your tendencies and life choice are somewhat predictable based on your birth order or position among siblings.

How birth order impacts our personality?

The fact that birth order impacts someone’s personality is supported and understandable. The circumstances of a family at the birth of first child are different and vary considerably with each child. The parental care and time they give to children may vary.

birth order impact on personality

Being an elder sibling, many of us have witnessed how our parent’s strictness ebbs for our younger siblings. Parent’s expectations are usually high for the eldest or the firstborn child. Similarly, the youngest in a family takes the most care and love not only from parents but also from the elder siblings. The elder brother has different attitude and personality compared to elder sisters. The middle ones are the complicated ones. Relationship and impact of siblings psychology in accordance with their birth order is quite a hot topic of research in field of psychology. Let’s have a look what can be your possible personality traits and life choices based on your birth order in siblings:

The eldest/ firstborns are born to lead!

  • The firstborns are born-leaders. Not only in terms of career and job, but also in a family, they tend to lead their siblings and pave the path for younger ones.
  • They are more likely to be CEO’s, directors and high achievers.
  •  Being a first born makes you an excellent performer and high achiever. All you have to do is to tap that hidden potential.

eldest child psycology

  • The firstborns tend to go for high studies and they also have high IQ compared to younger siblings.
  •  If the eldest child is a boy, he tends to be more physically aggressive and dominating personality. On the other hand, the firstborn girls have loving, responsible and caring nature.
  •  Parental expectations for their first child are high which they usually fulfill. Thus, they earn the position of most obedient and lovable child.
  • Emotionally mature and responsible one.
  • Interestingly, they tend to cheat in relationships. Perhaps they have achieved maximum care and love from family which is why they don’t need it from outside the family.

The middle child is complicated yet a perfect blend!

  • In a usual family of 3 – 4 siblings, the second born or the middle siblings is ‘the odd one out’.
  •  The reason? Eldest are the responsible and obedient, and youngest are the innocent and cute which make them apple of parent’s eye. Standing in between the eldest and youngest, the middle one feel isolated and neglected. This is somewhat true because parental attention diverts compared to their full attention and care for the eldest child.
  •  Moreover, the middle child usually tries to compete with other siblings for more attention and care, which makes him the perfectly competitive and he/she outshines in career and education.
  • They are the best when it comes to negotiation, persuasion and setting middle grounds. Therefore, a best career choice for middle borne is public-dealing jobs.

The middle child psycology

  •  Sometimes, they experience psychological issues as they feel isolated and neglected child. Due to these psychological issues, the middle child tends to attempt suicide.
  • Interestingly, they are best in keeping relationships. Perhaps, they try to fulfill the need of love and attention from their life partner which they lack from the family.

The youngest is the liveliest!

  •  Guess what? if you are youngest in siblings, you are definitely at best birth order.
  •  The youngest take love and care of parents, grandparents and the elder siblings which may sometime spoil them.
  •   Usually, the liveliest and fun loving sibling in family.
  •  Youngest sibling and the firstborn tend to have high BMI and obesity.
  •  Best performer and outshine in public relationship jobs.

the youngest is liveliest

  •  Mostly, the youngest sibling tend to be more expressive, imaginative, as well as prone to fantasies.
  •  Moreover, they use low-power strategy to get what they want and to deal with the rivals due to their persuasive nature.

A concluding note….

Birth order impacts a lot in developing a child’s personality traits and life choices. When you know someone’s birth order, you can better understand their nature, their choices, decisions and personality and why they are so. Embrace yourself for who you are. Enjoy and learn what hidden talents and potentials you have. And what’s the impact of your birth order on your personality and tendencies. Because, it’s good to know!