Treating flu at home

Having flu, is no doubt makes us miserable with each of its symptoms from coughing, sneezing and having a clogged nose contribute equally in making it worse. Flu is a respiratory system infection characterized by sneezing, coughing, clogged nose and heavy breathing. This is caused by influenza virus. The virus is contagious and it spreads from person to person. Similarly, some people may have allergic reaction. For instance, pollen allergy and dust allergy can cause flu.

Why prefer natural remedies for flu?

Many of us opt for the antibiotic and medicines as soon as we feel symptoms of flu. However, this is much better if we go for natural remedies to relive the symptoms of flu and common cold. Here is why? Conventionally, antibiotic drugs such as tamiflu are used to combat this viral infection. There are growing concerns about antibiotics resistance development in infectious bacteria and viruses. Not only this but also there are many related side effects of these medicines which is why all these does not suit every person.

Shouldn’t I tell you about a few natural home based remedies to relive the symptoms of common cold and flu. These does not cost much and on the bright side help you get rid of nasty flu symptoms much quickly.

Top natural remedies for flu

So here are top ten natural remedies to relieve the symptoms and to cure the flu:

  1. Use olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extract is another natural remedy for treatment of flu. This has great immune boosting power that enables a person to fight off viral infections such as flu. Let’s have a look what makes it this much useful for a person’s health.

The main component of olive oil extract is phytochemical oleuropein. This comment has great medicinal importance due to its anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory, antiviral activities. Moreover, this helps in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels being a good natural hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic ingredient.

This is usually available as oil extract, capsule and as component of teas. As for flu treatment, the tea is best solution. Having one to two cups of tea with olive extract supplement is recommended and enough to relieve the symptoms. One small issue is with those having high blood pressure as it may cause high blood pressure in some. This problem mainly comes with capsule usage which contains high percentage of olive leaf extract. Lastly, look for the olive leaf extract or the supplements which contain the oleuropein component as this is ‘the’ component which helps relieve the flu symptoms.

  1. Vitamin C

Various fruits are rich source of vitamin C. These include lemon, oranges and berries, green and paper and many more. Vitamin C actually helps boosting up the immune system that it enables the body to fight the viral infections such as flu.  Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance. Not only in flu and common cold but also useful for improving digestion. Moreover, studies reveal that regular intake of vitamin C by natural sources or by synthetic supplements help lowering the risks of cancer. Its absorption in body helps prevent oxidative damage by free radicals of metabolism and cancerous cells development.

No doubt that the health benefits of vitamin C are great. However, you should use vitamin C routinely in order to prevent infections. In sickness, the body’s immune system needs more anti-inflammatory substances and something that boost its working.  So vitamins C help in this respect.

Citrus fruits consist of substantial amount of vitamin C in them. On the other hand, various tea contain vitamin C. Also, its supplements are available in capsular form as well. You have a great choice for how to increase vitamin C intake.

To relive the symptoms of flu, the best choice is taking herbal tea with vitamin C content. This not only provides the essential vitamin for immune boosting but also the heat helps relieve the nose and chest congestion.  One important point of consideration is that look for vitamin C supplements that contain bioflavonoid antioxidants which is best to relive common cold and flu.

Recommended dosage

Dosage of vitamin C should be consistent rather than aggressive which may be 1000-2000 mg twice or thrice a day. If you are using herbal tea for vitamin C. two to three cups are enough a day. However, when the symptoms relieve, slowly decrease the vitamin intake.

  1. Use honey

Honey has great medicinal impacts. Using honey is one of the best home based remedies to treat flu. This sweet gift of nature is enriched source of anti-oxidants and anti –inflammatory as well. Both helps boost up your immune system to fight back infections.

For relieving flu, use the one tablespoon of honey in warm water and take this remedy for two to three times a day. You can also add few drops of lemon that makes it taste even better and also provide source of vitamin C.

  1. Use Menthol

Most common and no doubt nasty symptoms of flu and common cold are blocked and congested sinus. These make it hard to breath and even we can’t get enough sleep. Mint is commonly found in every home. The important component of mint is menthol which is effective to fight off viral infections like flu. Taking menthol helps in relieving blocked sinuses.

Menthol is part of many vapor rubs. All you have to do is to add vapor rubs or directly boil the mint leaves in water and take its steam. Try this two to three times a day for more effective results.  Be careful as some people get skin irritation with methanol use. On the whole, it makes a great home based remedy for flu.

  1. Elderberry

This hers is an immune booster and thus helps you in getting rid of flu. The berries are enriched with anti oxidants. Studies show that elderberry can fight and attack the flu virus.

This is even batter to use elderberries in routine diet. However, its syrups are available as well. Mix about 15ml of elderberry syrup in water and drink this four times a day. This will help you get rid of influenza naturally without using the synthetic medicines.

  1. Use garlic or supplements

Using fresh garlic in the form of herbal tea is another home based remedy for flu. Like many other vegetable, garlic makes a great source of antioxidants.

Asian use garlic to spice up food which is even better as they routine use improves immune system. The risks of getting sick are significantly lowered by using this natural antioxidant.

  1. Echinacea

This herb aids your immune system to fight back the infections more quickly. Studies have been performed and proved that Echinacea extract significantly lowers the risks of respiratory tract infections such as flu, bronchitis and lung congestion. In another study undertaking 2000 participant, it has been revealed that using 3-5 cups of Echinacea tea helps greatly to reduce the chances of respiratory infections.

It is even better and much recommended that you should use Echinacea tea as soon as the symptoms show. Usually 4-5 cups on first day and then reduce the number to one cup only. Echinacea is available as herds, and tablets preparations as well. One tablet contains about 6.78 milligrams of Echinacea which make two to three tablets daily enough for quick recovery of flu at home.

Some tips that may help…..

In addition to the above mentioned home bases remedies, here are few more tips that help to relive the symptoms of flu:

1. Take a break and rest

Viral infections such as influenza take a lot of your immune system to combat and fight back the infectious organism. Therefore, putting more stress on body is not a good option. Try to take a break from office or college, and take some rest so your immune system can fight like a warrior. Moreover, this viral infection, flue is contagious. Therefore, avoid as much as you can the possibility of spreading the infection.

2. Stay hydrated

Our repertory system is lined with a mucus membrane that reduces the surface tension and friction of air. Excessive nasal secretion can results in thick nasty secretion that is hard to spit out. So stay hydrated to help maintain the mucus layer, also to avoid congestion of nostrils and air passage. Hydration does not need water only but also using fresh fruit juices is much better option. These fruits and their natural ingredients strengthen and boost up the immunity to fight infections.

3. Blow your nose frequently

The mucus gets thick and clogs the nostrils and the air passage. Always blow your nose to get rid of this secretion. When you use plenty of water, it helps in thinning of this secretion which makes it easier to get rid of.

4. Use a lozenge

Using lozenge keeps your throat moistened. Thus, it prevents the sudden coughing and throat itching. Moreover, there are saline nasal sprays and droplets that help a lot to remove the mucus from nostrils. These are safe to use for teens and adults.

5. The steamy option

Steam warms up your nasal passage when inhaled. This is why having a warm steamy shower or taking steam of vapor rubs helps a lot to treat and remediate the symptoms of flu. Sooner the secretions are out; quicker will be the healing and cure.

When to see a doctor?

Our natural immune system usually relives the symptoms of common cold and flu within two to three days.

The better option is o boost up immune system by using natural and home based remedies. However, if you frequently experience flu symptoms or your symptoms do get well by these remedies and antibiotic, you must see a doctor. Having frequent and prolonged viral infections is a sign of weak immune system. Also there may be associated disease conditions other than common cold and flu.

Bottom line

Flu is a respiratory system infection caused by influenza virus. It is always better to use natural home based treatment options to relieve the symptoms instead of using medicines and antibiotics. Hopefully, you will find this article useful. So in case you have flu, do try these natural remedies at first.