Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz- The Miracle tone

Solfegio frequency scale is an ancient (about 6000 years back), 6-tones scale which were a significant part of scared music and spirituality such as in Georgian chants. Literature suggests that Solfeggio frequency scale was developed by Benedictine monk Guido d’ Arezzo (991-1050 AD). After that, later in mid 70’s era, Joseph Puleo rediscovered these electromagnetic sound frequencies. Spiritual healers apply these frequencies for healing and developing a divine connection. Frequency 528 Hz is most significant for its therapeutic effects and possible potential to repair the DNA damage.

The six-toned Solfeggio frequency scale

There are in fact nine solfeggio frequencies. The major six solfeggio frequencies impart healing, spiritual blessing, tranquility and a peace of mind, body and soul together. These six tones are of specific frequencies:

  • 396 Hz
  • 417 Hz
  • 528 Hz
  • 639 Hz
  • 741 Hz
  • 852 Hz

Interestingly, all these six frequencies have 110 Hz difference among themselves. Not only this, by applying Pythagorean theorem, all these give multiples of digits 3,6 and 9.

‘If you only recognize the magnificence and significance of digits 3,6 and 9, you’ll hold the key to Universe.’ -Nikola Tesla

Frequency 528 Hz-the miracle tone

All of these Solfeggio frequencies are believed to be significant for healing, spirituality, emotional tranquilly and much. However, form the therapeutic and research point of view, tone of frequency 528 Hz is vital. Researches claim its ability to the repair the DNA damages. Thus, if proved significant, this will really be a breakthrough in medical field. Music toned to this frequency is regarded as tone of love, compassion, healing and curing. This is why, frequency 528 is also known as ‘love and miracle tone.’

Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz- the miracle tone

The healing power of sound waves/ Music

Music is no doubt a source of relaxation for us, and we do share emotional bonding and association with music. In fact, chanting and hymns are part of worship of spiritual practices in some religions such as Hinduism. Heard of spiritual healers? What they do or try to do is that they develop a harmony in emotions and consciousness. Conciseness refers to how our brain perceives and pick out things around us. As biologists we know that brain controls and communicates with body via electrical impulses. Thus, music of such frequency may impact the brain signaling in a positive way.

what research suggests about frequency 528 Hz?

In a study, Peter Janata who is a neuroscientist from university of California states this fact as:

 “The brain imaging technology offers evidences regarding the fact that special circuits of brain do have their preferred frequencies at which they oscillate well. The sound healers take a step ahead as they bond or at least try to associate the frequency with a person’s mood or cognition.”

Further studies reveal that the sound wave of  frequency 528 Hz stimulates the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system deals and controls certain vital functions such as digestion and blood flow. A short-term exposure to this frequency 528 Hz is effective for relieving psychological stress and tranquility of mind.

From the neurotherapeutic point of view, this type of ‘sound healing’ has potential for curing neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Research reveals that treating the cells to 528 Hz frequency sound waves, significantly reduce the cell damage in astrocytes. The astrocytes are cells of brain responsible for nourishing and proper functioning of neurons. The sound wave of this frequency stimulates certain biological processes and cellular pathways which heal and repair the broken DNA and also reduce the DNA damage due to oxidative free radicals. The water molecules surround the broken DNA strand and eventually enzymes repair the DNA.

Even the plants have shown positive impact of exposure to this frequency sound waves. The seed of Vigna Radiate plant shows better elongation of shoots and quick germination.

The bottom line

As the scientific studies support the fact that sound wave of frequency 528 Hz has healing potential, this fact can be effective tool for mind body healing. Nevertheless, more of scientific studies with experimental results are requisite for this sort of sound healing.

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